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Categories and Prizes

Each category has its own prize for the highest scoring creation. Our prizes are brand-new POTC sets. We would like to thank The LEGO Group and BrickArms for donating prizes for this contest.

Take note mateys! There be absolutely no size limitations, nor restrictions for SNOT bases, except where so noted in the categories below!

The Ports O' Call:

Île Sainte Marie, Madagascar
Pirate Town
4193 The London Escape

Libertatia was the nation built for and by pirates. Build a pirate town most fitting for its residents.

New Providence, Bahamas
Set 1592 Remake
4183 The Mill

Rebuild the classic LEGO set #1592 "Town Square" in pirate form. (Restrictions: Base must be built on two 32x32 baseplates, conveying the 'path' of the original set. MOC should include the details found in the original, such as merchant store, carts, fortress, patron, and statue.)

Algiers, Algeria
The Tower
4194 Whitecap Bay

Build a tower overlooking the pirate-ruled sea. Ideas include lighthouses and watchtowers.

Tortuga, Haiti
Custom Minifig in a Vignette
853219 Pirates Battlepack and
Brickarms Pirate Pack

Build a custom pirate-themed minifig and use it in a vignette. (Restrictions: Max size of vignette base is 10x10 studs, and no SNOT base. Overhang is allowed. Use of cut LEGO elements and non-LEGO parts is allowed.)

Custom parts donated by Brickarms

Bath Towne, United States
The Backwaters
4192 The Fountain of Youth and
30132 Voodoo Jack

Build a pirate crew's hideaway constructed from the parts and wreckage of old ships.

Port Royal, Jamaica
Pirate Flag
4181 Isla de la Muerta and
4191 The Captain's Cabin

Build a mosaic or a sculpture of your own, unique pirate flag (not a historical one). Mosaics can be either studs up or studs out.

Veracruz, Mexico
Spanish Treasure
4182 The Cannibal Escape

Build a treasury or storehouse containing all the treasures fit for a king.

Bias Bay, Hong Kong
Merchant Attack
4184 The Black Pearl

Build a minifig-scale pirate ship attacking a larger merchant ship. (Merchant ship must be the larger of the two vessels.)

Master Builder's Treasure
4195 Queen Anne's Revenge

This set will be awarded to the builder who enters 6 or more of the categories and has the best overall creations per the Captains’ agreement. Cast your lot and parlay your MOCs into the Forbidden Cove’s Jolly Roger Contest III!

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