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Categories and Prizes

Each category has its own prize for the highest scoring creation. Most of the prizes are Pirates sets from the 1990’s. The sets are used and but should be in good to very good condition. Most sets have instructions but boxes are not included. All other prizes are new. We would like to thank Rich "Blackrock" Stehnach, The Brothers-Brick, and BrickArms for donating prizes for this contest.

Take note mateys! All entries should fit on two connected 32x32 baseplates (or smaller) unless stated otherwise in that category's rules below. You may use a 48x48 baseplate for your entry instead of the two 32x32 plates. You've been advised and warned!

Traditional LEGO Pirates:

Pirate Raft -
6261 Raft Raiders and
6240 Kraken Attack

Your pirates are adrift at sea (for some rather odd reason)! Build a seaworthy raft to carry them home! (Raft should be similar in size to the prizes in this category.)

Used Set donated by Rich "Blackrock" Stehnach and New Set

Bignette -
852750 LEGO Pirates Tic Tac Toe

“Punish your Pirate!” Your pirate has been caught, and now he/she must be punished! Build a bignette exactly 16x16 studs showing this poor soul’s fate. (No SNOT bases in this category.)

New Set

Pillage -
6234 Renegade's Raft,
1713 Shipwrecked Pirate, and
6235 Buried Treasure

No village to burn down this year? Well, feel free to light up the town in this category, with your pirates taking advantage of a town or port. (No innuendos please - read the Cove's TOS if you are unsure about what can and can't be posted.) SNOT bases allowed.

Used Sets

Armada's Fortress -
6259 Broadside's Brig

The Imperial Armada is in need of a fortress to call their own! Build a fort in the colors of their outpost, 6244 Armada Sentry (White, Grey, and Green to be exact). SNOT bases allowed.

Used Set

Imperial Trading Post XI -
6276 Eldorado Fortress

Redesign the classic 6277 Imperial Trading Post set! Your MOC should contain the same features as set 6277, including a secured port with docks, towers with cranes, and a small merchant ship and dinghy. (Use of a raised baseplate is NOT necessary. No SNOT bases in this category.)

Used Set - Donated by Rich "Blackrock" Stehnach

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean:

POTC Ship -
6268 Renegade Runner

Build any tallship featured in the POTC movies - Sorry, no dinghies. It should look as close as the official POTC ship as possible. Ideas include the Interceptor, the Edinburgh Trader, and the Flying Dutchman*. (* © The Walt Disney Company)

Used Set

POTC Custom Fig -
Brickarms Piratey Custom Parts

Build a minifig of any character from the POTC movies. No buildings or ships, just your own custom POTC minifig.

Custom parts donated by Brickarms

Port Royal Building -
6266 Cannon Cove

Create a building (and only one) that could be found somewhere in Port Royal! Ideas include the Governor’s Mansion, a Blacksmith shop, or a Tavern. SNOT bases allowed.

Used Set

At Brethren Court -
DK Brickmaster LEGO Pirates Book

Who will represent ye at the Fifth Meeting of the Brethren Court? Build your own Pirate Lord and their entourage worthy enough to represent at the next court. Don't forget to identify what your "piece of eight" is, too! (Maximum of 5 figs total, and custom parts are allowed.) Maximum MOC size for this category is 32x32 studs. SNOT bases are allowed.

New Set

The Fountain of Youth -
1747 Treasure Surprise and
6232 Skeleton Crew

Before Captain Jack Sparrow can find the 'Aqua de Vida', have your own Pirate crew drinking (or swimming) from it's waters! Build this mysterious 'fountain' and its surrounding environment. SNOT bases are allowed.

Used Sets donated by The Brothers-Brick

Master Builder -
6285 Black Seas Barracuda

The LEGO Pirate fan's ship! This set will be awarded to the builder who enters 6 or more of the categories and has the best overall creations per the Captains’ agreement. Cast your lot and parlay your MOCs into the Forbidden Cove’s Jolly Roger Contest II!

Used Set

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